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Upcoming Workshops! 

These events are designed for people who are setting up, or who are already practicing in consent-based, self-directed education settings. They can also be helpful for unschooling parents, and professionals working with young people in a range of contexts, who want to hold space in a more consent-based and self-directed way. Is that you? We'd love to work with you!

For each of the events, you can book the online part as a stand alone workshop, or the online and in-person together. You can not book the in-person workshop on it's own.

The themes below have been chosen because they tend to be the hotspots where we find ourselves with the most questions as practitioners, and where stress and power imbalances can most easily show up, disrupting the culture and people's sense of consent, agency and autonomy.

We hope these workshops will help you to explore and develop your own practice in these areas, so that you can create and hold your consent-based, self-directed spaces in a grounded way that feels great! Woohoo!

Cost: £35 per online session

Please note: we can offer payment plans and adjustments regarding the course cost. Please contact us at to discuss this if needed. 

- DECEMBER 2022:

Navigating Conflict - Making it Through the Stormy Seas!

Date and Time:
Online:  7-9pm, Tuesday 6th December, 2022
In-person: 10am-4pm, Sunday 11th December, 2022

Online: via Zoom.
In-person: Berden, Essex
For more info and to book click here.  

- MARCH 2023:

Chairing, and Getting Your Meeting Right - it's an Art!

Date and Time:
Online: 7-9pm, Tuesday 14th March, 2023
In person: 10am-4pm, Sunday 19th March, 2023

Place: Online - Zoom, in person - Berden, West Essex, UK

For more info and to book click here.

- MAY 2023

Shared Risk Management:
Share the P
roblem, Solve the Problem!

Dates and Times:
3 Online Sessions:
Tuesday 9th May, 2023
10am-12pm, Sunday 14th May, 2023
7-9pm, Sunday 14th May 2023

Place: Online via Zoom

Click here for more info and to book. 

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