A 'typical' day...

The Cabin is inspired by principles of self-direction, childrens' rights, democratic, and consent-based education. As a result, each child's experience of the day may be different, depending on their individual needs and interests and how they choose to use their time.
We will be launching with a flexible rhythm for the day - this will evolve over time in response to the needs, views and interests of the group. 
The launch rhythm will be:
10am: arrive, settle in, and opening circle. 
Morning: opportunity to participate in an organised activity, plus free access to the The Cabin resources and outside area.
12-1pm: Lunch
Afternoon: opportunity to participate in an organised activity, plus free access to the The Cabin resources and outside area. 
2.30-2.45: Clearing up time
2.45-3pm: Closing circle and collection. 
The organised activities will be a combination of things instigated by the children and facilitators, on a rolling basis (find out more about the facilitators' interests and backgrounds here).
Throughout the day the children can, if they want, choose to be entirely independent in what they do, and not participate in the organised activities - they design their own day. The Cabin will be set up and resourced with the following which can be freely accessed:
1) The Library: a comfy and cosy corner with books and audio books.
2) Role Play Area: set up with dressing up and props for those theatrical moments!
3) Maker Space: a project space with writing, art and craft equipment.
4) Games Chest: puzzles, board and card games galore.
5) Building Zone: lego and other building kits to turn ideas into reality.
6) Discussion Circle: a place to share ideas and experiences. 
7) Show and Tell Table: bring something in from home that you would like to share!
8) The Outside Box: filled with equipment that you might want to use in the outside play area.
9) Cooking and Gardening: We will be equipt for cooking and growing.
We are so happy to have a large, enclosed grassy outdoor space to use, including a roly poly hill!