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What are children’s rights?
Children have human rights. This is laid out in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, signed by the UK in 1990. Included in this are the rights to have a voice that is taken seriously. Under 18s have participation rights, including rights to influence their lives and have their say in matters that affect them. They have the right to access information, to play, and to have dignity in their experience of education - a process enabling them to grow to their fullest expression. They have the right to know their own human rights, and the human rights of others. They have the rights to privacy, to be free from discrimination, and to have their own thoughts and opinions. They have the right to be treated as real people, not people 'in the making', or the property of anyone else, but as real whole people in the here and now. We believe in respecting children. 

What is our commitment to equity, inclusion, social and environmental justice?
Going even deeper in explaining our commitment to children’s rights: we are committed to equity, inclusion, social and environmental justice and to being a welcoming and inclusive space for all children, young people, families, and facilitators. We are proactive in creating a space which enables everyone to express themselves and be themselves, and to be accepted for who they are. We recognize that identities are complex and multi-layered, and that children and young people are at a particularly sensitive stage for exploring, reflecting and ‘growing into themselves’.

We want to bring in resources, materials, people, and activities which will enable us to create spaces for exploring and affirming experiences and identities, including those relating to gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, dis/ability, social class or culture, and age. We will reflect on and challenge our own cultures and practices and we initiate and welcome critical feedback and discussion relating to this. We also know that we are not separate to, but are part of the natural world, that we exist in an ecosystem where everyone and everything has an important part to play in regard to the health and wellbeing of that ecosystem. We know that feeling in connection to and care for the ebbs and flows, rhythms and ways of the natural world is an essential part of being in connection with and caring for ourselves.
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