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What is Education Positivity?

Ed Positivity is an education philosophy that combines self-direction and consent culture with a transcendence of traditional subject siloes, and biased notions of subject and activity value. It addresses conscious and unconscious biases that presume that there is some information/knowledge/activity that is inherently superior or suitable as opposed to other information/knowledge/activity, and instead reveres each person’s own unique needs and processes around living and learning – so long as it isn’t harmful to themselves or others.

An Ed Positive approach welcomes questioning, curiosity, rest, and interdisciplinary thinking and doing. It embraces exploration and critical thinking. It is open-minded to the many different motivations and manifestations of an individual’s path in 
seeking knowledge, solving problems, and learning in general. Ed Positivity respects all learners unique, personal, and often private journeys in understanding the world around them and their place in it. Ed Positivity is based on a belief that given the conditions that meet our own basic needs for growth, we will do our best to grow in the way that is right for us.
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