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Shared Decision Making, Risk Management and Conflict Navigation

We believe in people be involved in the decisions that affect them. At the Cabin and the Lodge, we work to solve problems and make decisions together. We do this through our opening and closing meetings at the beginning and end of each day, and also through additional 'community hygiene' meetings to address whole community issues as they emerge. We also co-create the plans for what we do when we are together. Everyone in the community has equal opportunity to put something on the plan for the day, or to raise an issue.

We believe in sharing risk management processes. Where a risk needs to be managed, we ask those involved what agreements we can make to best do this. We know that in communities that care about consent, conflict occurs and is important. We know that conflict, brought out into the open, explored and well navigated, is a sign of healthy relationships and community. We see conflict as a mismatch in needs and/or a mismatch in understanding. Where conflict arises, we support people in navigating it themselves, as well as providing mediation where that is helpful, to increase understanding and find ways to meet unmet needs.  
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